Sunday, March 24, 2024

d100 - So You’ve Been Brought Back From The Dead...

Certain magnificent Magics and marvelous Miracles make it possible to return a dead Character to Play in these games. In some games, this process is pretty perfunctory: Simply locate your Local Lama and acquire a casting of Raise Dead within the Time Limit. Then after a mandatory two-week recuperation period (during which the Character is hardly in a state for Adventure: with only a solitary Hit Point, half movement, no carrying capacity, they cannot attack, and are unable to use Spells or other Class Abilities) the revivified is right as rain.

Later, when the Players gain access to these Spells through their own Resources, it tends to further emphasize that this Death is merely a speed bump, a temporary set-back with a well-earned vacation perhaps, but the Character will be back in no time.

I have always thought it might be more interesting if the process left a little mark here and there on those who underwent something so significant, so here is a table of one hundred potentially interesting concomitants for that process. These might work a little like Curses (and this could even work alongside that dreaded Energy Drain as well, q.v. my Rumored Cures for more on this) and have their own Durations or Required Deeds to overcome, or they could become a permanent part of the Character in a way (some more of that lovely “Foreground Growth.”) I think in creative hands, a few of these could even be spun into Boons with the right application or in certain situations. I tend to prefer that sort of “Drawback” after all.

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

d100 - Vernacular Coinage & Specialized Specie

Most of the time, the kinds of coins the Players end up stuffing in their Pouches and Pockets might be a little uninspiring with just their two-letter abbreviation to differentiate them. Sure, we’re always quite careful to enumerate the type/metal composition for value purposes, but what other things can these coins tell us?

Here is a table with some ideas. These could serve as “Common Names” for coinage in a region, decorations for Heads and Tails, or also potentially a window into the culture that minted them in the first place. What people put on their money usually tends to align with other values that they want to extol or claim to possess. Vernacular names could come up during transactions when the Party travels to a new Region with its own types of currency, and sometimes the “motifs” and decorations themselves end up deliciously muddled through trade. Ancient Coins retrieved from forgotten Hoards might provide a window to those who traded with them. I suppose one might find this table useful for embellishing various other things in need of a little more specificity on demand (constellations, heraldry, artwork, etc.)

Friday, March 8, 2024

d100 - Magical Spears

Here are a hundred more ways to flavor some of those Magical Weapons that might end up in those Happy Hoards or the Hungry Hands of Plucky Players: Magic Spears!

Sunday, February 4, 2024

d100 - Boastworthy Bounties & Intriguing Enticements

Bounty Hunting and Monster-Slaying For Hire are sometimes useful ways for Players to augment their coffers as a periodic change of pace from those unplundered Dungeons. Particularly during the Wilderness Tier, where Treasure can sometimes be a little trickier to track down, these avenues are sometimes more appealing than other lucrative options like turning to Banditry.

There is usually a Reward in the form of Treasure, sometimes pre-arranged, other times negotiated. For these, I often select a Treasure Type (usually based on the Average Values) that seems appropriate, but I do like to often include an occasional “pot-sweetener” that might make a particular job a bit more attractive.

This table includes a hundred Sample Bounties, issued by anachronistic “Wanted Poster,” Proclamation, or even as Rumors/Hooks. I have also included a hundred sometimes less tangible Treasures that might tempt in addition to the more Monetary Rewards. Whether a Bounty is paid when the target is returned “Dead” or “Alive” is up to you, but I think “Alive” does add an intriguing wrinkle sometimes 😊

Sunday, January 14, 2024

d100 - Some City Streets

When Adventure whisks the Characters into Urban Environments, I often find it convenient to have some serviceable Street Names at hand. Navigating those places can get a little more interesting by using Landmarks, and in their own way, those Named Thoroughfares serve this function well. They are also immensely useful for when the Players have the rare good sense to query a Local or NPC for Directions. I’ve provided a starting point with two-hundred here, the left-most ones are perhaps more appropriate for the more Sinister or Shady sections of a settlement (after all, quite a bit of excitement tends to happen in those places,) and I threw in another hundred Embellishments that might work to dress up a few descriptions as the Players make their way around.

Sunday, January 7, 2024

d100 - Anywhere But The Tavern: Session Starters

Here’s a d100 Table that features some additional ideas for starting a Session, Campaign, or Adventure outside of the rather timeworn “Tavern Meeting” set up. Many of these might make for a more in medias res approach, but I sometimes find that placing the Players directly in the Action can be an exciting way to start things off.

Thursday, December 21, 2023

d100 - Infernal Features & Tiefling Traits

The following table contains a Hundred Ideas for unusual features that might be possessed by Tieflings or those of uniquely Fantastic Bloodlines. Though it may be a bit skewed toward those Cambion Characters, if you are a fan of making your Elfs “Weird” or in need of a quick Mutation Table, I suppose this might work in a pinch for those purposes as well. Some are mostly cosmetic, others might be a bit of a drawback or introduce challenges, a few lucky ones are beneficial, but most will probably lend a bit of an uncanny air to these Characters. I’ve always been a little bit bitter about that “false d100” table in Planescape (you know the ones: they use the two d10s...but consolidate the entries and lack a healthy hundred!) so I finally decided to rectify this. Do not fear, for a more Angelic Counterpart has already been added to the pile for a future post at some point.



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