Tuesday, October 16, 2018

By The Way/Beyond The Wall

With the demise of Google+ announced, I’ve been going through some of my older posts and migrating some of the soon to be orphaned content over to my blog.

I’ve created a new page to house some of the Beyond The Wall Playbooks I’ve generated in the past. Beyond The Wall still has one of my favorite Character Generation Systems, and it’s broadly compatible with most flavors of D&D. I enjoy group character generation, and the Playbook system in Beyond The Wall does a lot of heavy-lifting to spur the imagination, handle some basic backstory elements, and even includes some player driven world-building. It’s surprisingly difficult to make it out of character generation without at least a few promising adventure hooks, which makes it ideal for Sandbox play, and players are often more invested in NPCs/Locations they had a stake in creating.

While I was re-doing the layouts of these documents, I came across an old folder with a few more half-finished Playbook ideas, so when I get a chance and if there’s interest, I may go ahead and dust those off and get them finished.