Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Grognards & Greybeards

In an effort to replenish my once ridiculous collection of rulebooks, I’ve been frequenting the role-playing section at our local used bookstore. The selection varies greatly, but some supplements/source books never seem to leave the shelves.

One tome that taunts me is the Rolemaster (2nd Edition) Character Law/Campaign Law. Its red spine sticks out like a sore thumb against all the mottled-marble-bound RMSS supplemental annuals. I used to have quite a substantial Rolemaster collection, but I think the only books I still own are a handful of the Companions and Creatures & Treasures. I’d really like to run a Rolemaster game again, especially now that the gaming group has become more accustomed to the concept of role-playing, but also because I always enjoyed the sheer face of its learning curve.

But in the event that I can’t get my Rolemaster Collection back up to speed (and I just noticed that the old 2nd edition has been revamped and re-launched on the ICE website as “Rolemaster Classic”), I can always try to track down Tunnels & Trolls and my Arduin Grimoires for some slightly more gonzo gaming. But for a short series of sessions called Grognards & Greybeards, I’d probably prefer something that combines a respectable age with a significant degree of rule-complexity.