Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Paperclip Character Sheet Hack

I hit upon this little gem somewhere during my web trawlings, and brought it up to Team RTS, who seemed to appreciate its low-tech simplicity.

On the vertical margin of your character sheet, start at the bottom and make some short lines, all the way up.

During play, you can use a paper clip to keep track of your current hit point total by sliding it down the side of the page each time you take damage. Fighters and other classes with larger hit die should space these marks accordingly. You could even number every five ticks or so to get your current total at a glance.

The genius of such a simple idea reaffirms the relationship between geeks and gamers. It’s a brilliant idea, and as a staunch advocate of other luddite hacks like the Hipster PDA, I love things like this.

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