Friday, April 5, 2019

Herbs & Plants - Online Generator

A gracious and patient individual took the liberty of loading all the table entries from my Herbs & Plants document into an online tool that quickly generates results:

Fantasy Herb Generator

It is certainly more convenient to see them instantaneously. Here are a few that stuck out after a few clicks:

  • Stinknecklace is a plant sometimes found near planar gateways. Side effects of brewing it include a glowing ring finger.
  • Witchsorrel is a herb rarely found on hanged man's graves. Side effects of keeping it under your tongue include being compelled to wear clothes inside out.
  • Giantbright is a plant rarely found in bird nests. Side effects of keeping it tucked inside your cheek include excessive thirst.
  • Horseheather is a herb occasionally found on sandy beaches. Side effects of applying it include chapped lips.
  • Honeybonnet is a herb rarely found where sheep graze. Side effects of keeping it under your tongue include developing feathers.
  • Hencelery is a herb commonly found in ancient dolmens. Side effects of applying a paste made from it include migraines.

The benefit derived from generating the names alone is great, because it's always handy to have some semi-reasonable common plant names at the ready. It appears that they added a system that includes the frequency or rarity of the plants as well.

Eventually, I might try to add a 1d100 table or two for what a given plant's positive/intended uses might be. Right now I've just been roughly mapping them to the Rules Cyclopedia Cleric/Druid spells with a 1d8 for level (with an 8 re-rolling on the Magic User Spells), and then a 1d12 for the spell, but it might be more interesting to build word pairs using something similar to the old Magic Word system.

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