Thursday, March 15, 2018

Wilderness Hexes - Version 1.0

One Hundred Wilderness Hexes, all linked in a single compiled document [direct link]:

Current Terrains include: Forest, Mountain, Desert, Swamp and Ocean.

EDIT: Looks like some of the jump links don't really work too well in the embedded version above or when the PDF is opened in certain web browsers. They appear to work in a stand-alone PDF reader though, just make sure to check back for updates!

Drop me a line here if you spot anything odd/misspelled, broken links, or other issues. I'd also love to hear about how this works out at your table if you find it useful or any suggestions! Still contemplating a Printer-Friendly/POD version.

(file under maybe someday: 100 entries for each Terrain type...sitting pretty on a few dozen more Forest/Mountain hexes and I already have a few new Terrain Ideas)


  1. This is excellent! I'm going top borrow much of this.

  2. Fantastic project and obviously a labour of love. Just curious: how do you embed the PDFs in the posts?

    1. Thanks Tom!
      Truly a labor of love :). No hex should be left empty and neglected :), and I know sometimes DMs can get caught off guard when the party traipses into unexpected territory. This aims to supply a little more inspiration/options when that happens.

      For the embed process, I upload them to Google Drive, and then grab a share-able link from the item. The basic process is like this:

      Select the pdf file in Google Drive (must be set publicly visible if you want everyone to be able to see it) you want to embed. Right click > Preview > More actions > Open in a new window. Now click More actions > Embed item. I think the More actions hides in the hamburger dots these days. Copy the embed code and paste it on your blog post. It'll be some iframe HTML with some height/width you might want to tweak, but the important part is it has the id for the document. After a while, you can just get this ID from the Get Shareable Link option to save some steps once you're familiar with the iframe code. Hope this helps! :)

  3. Amazing work, looking forward to putting it through it's paces here in my upcoming Hexcrawl. Has the feel I was going for on my d100 encounter tables I have up on my blog.



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