Saturday, March 7, 2015

[Magic Item] The Gnashing Egg

Figure 1 Apex Predator | Egg | Sculpture | 2014
When hurled in the direction of a target (close enough for horseshoes and hand grenades is fine), the egg explodes in a hail of teeth that swarm like mosquitoes, pelting any nearby targets and inflicting damage based on the target’s Armor Class (20 – AC for ascending systems) each round for three rounds. During this time, visibility is significantly reduced around the targets as the whirlwind of teeth noisily darns the air as gnats do on a summer evening.

Once the duration expires, the egg reforms, but is simply a macabre and inert objet d’art (of immense value to the Fae and some Elfs), until held in the left hand of an individual whilst a tooth is extracted. At this point the egg hatches into a chick. Once sexed (d100 by an individual who knows of such things), the chick will either rapidly mature into: (1-51) a very grumpy hen with teeth or a (52-00) very loyal and tenaciously ferocious fighting rooster.

Over the course of the next few new moons, a hen will lay 1d4-1 new Gnashing Eggs. If the hen is eaten, it is quite delicious, but anyone partaking will gradually lose all their teeth over the next week. If girded in electrum spurs, the rooster fights as a 3 HD creature in cockfights.

For Yoon-Suin: The Gnashing Egg is an artefact one might stumble across in the ruins of any of hundreds of crumbling coops in the Old Town. It has a complexity of 4. Only half a dozen are known to the collectors in the Yellow City, and an inert egg was recently stolen from a tastefully filigreed display nest in the Pennate Collection. One would be wise to treat any personage who maintains edentulous or gap-smiling chattels with the utmost decorum and obeisance. Think twice before partaking of a stranger's satay, and be wary when wagering. 

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