Wednesday, March 18, 2015

[Yoon-Suin][NPC] Vèlô the Slug-Man Merchant Prince

Vèlô the Slug-Man Merchant Prince

The corpulent scion of one of the wealthier Monograph Mogul families within the Yellow City, Vèlô fancies himself a bit of a playboy and hedonist. Prone to opulent binging, wanton whinging, and unnecessarily expensive excess; there is rarely a delicacy or asalubrious gratification that remains un-sampled for long in his slimy, chortling presence.

Atrocious Art by Yours Truly
In terms of Appearance: He is quite portly and very tall (towering at seven-feet, almost as wide in places). Rumors of a scandalous dalliance with a Slug Giant somewhere in the verdant branches of his family’s tree are oft whispered and rarely refuted. His Muculence (as he prefers to be addressed) usually shifts his clammy skin tone to match his mood, becoming the color of pale lead when content, but dramatically darkening to a deep crimson when flustered or angry. When confronted with a sublime histrionic performance: bright glistening chartreuse. Dark bands appear on his arms and legs when he hungry, which is most of the time. He smells strongly of sweaty wine or peaty scotch, but frequently masks this with cloying arcane perfumery.

In terms of Voice: Suck loudly on your teeth before speaking deep-ish and slow. The more irritating this becomes, the better. Avoid a mess, but an un-swallowed and smallish mouthful of water goes a long way when burbled in this fashion (pointedly gulp it down before soliloquizing, if this makes you burp: that would be brilliantly appropriate). Practice makes perfect with this technique. For something more decorous, delicately crumple cellophane. The various sodden and hollow sounds associated with phlegm and mucus are also quite apt, and a thicker, more phlegm-forming, beverage or food can assist with this. Bananas always seem to work well for me*.

In terms of Influence: His family is well-respected, deeply-conservative, and the very definitions of the words bookish and cautious. This has not rubbed-off on Vèlô, who is currently in the process of squandering the majority of his substantial inheritance on banana wine, banal women, and banausic dramaturgy. He spends money desperately and is uncharacteristically (for Yoon-Suin) abysmal at haggling. He will very soon be bankrupt.

His penchants for the extravagant have made him quite the popular figure in certain affluent Yellow City social circles. His snooty factotum, Knjo, can often be found ceaselessly scrambling to settle his numerous domino debts (Vèlô is an unimaginative and incautious player who is easily bested by any opponent with an Intelligence of 11 or higher; he's lost to Crab-Men!) before there are any more unsavory consequences.

In terms of Foibles & Flaws: He idly blows slime bubbles when wool-gathering. This is quite disgusting. He has an enduring and vociferous fondness for mime. This is also quite disgusting. He eats frequently and noisily (he will consume the combined weight of all players at your table in bananas during the course of a single conversation), and it’s said the sound of his scraping radula can be heard for several city-blocks. He is weak and quickly winded, and sighs sonorously upon seeing stairs. His compliance with accepted table manners is decidedly recalcitrant.

In terms of Motive: His moist and immense love for all things theatre. The sumptuous luxury of staging a private performance. To aggravate and antagonize Putri Coldheart. Remittance for an unsavory wager. As a token of esteem, intended to inveigle Jàla to lower the bulk price of bananas.

In terms of Trappings & Capabilities: Vèlô is a mawkish and mediocre Magician who has only really bothered with the basics, despite the rather robust resources he could easily persuade his family to provide. His spell book consists of dozens of dusty labels affixed to expensive imported vintages within his banana wine-cellar, and although he often goes down there to “study” he seldom forestalls the temptation to indulge and rarely remains sober enough to fully fill up his arcane allotment.

  • Confirmed Spells: Stairclimb, Odoriferous Retreat, Faithful Chaise-Lounge, Overindulge, Muculent Mists
  • Suspected Spells: Shield, Read Magic, Silence, Slimeless Step, Acidic Darts, Protection from Salt, Globe of Darkness
HD: 3-3, AC: 7 [13], #ATT 1, Dmg: d6-1 by Teak Danda (staff), Move 90, ML 4, Save As: MU3.

He is never without his bracelet. It pinches his clammy wrist folds and is a garish blue-metal adornment set with seven small spherical garnets. Each of these can be gingerly removed and swallowed. Very shortly after this is done: as Teleport Self with no chance of error to where the corresponding bracelet is located. The counterpart bracelet is currently near his nearly-full wand stand, within his fortified wine-cellar and has no garnets remaining.

* For added affectation, urge for it to be peeled languidly by a Crab-Man player if possible; Bananas are his favorite food. 
Vèlô hates to touch food and is often hand-fed by his attendants. I heartily recommend extending every effort to make him as odious and unpleasant as possible for if/when he perishes at the hands of your players.

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