Friday, March 20, 2015

[Yoon-Suin][NPC] The Putri Coldheart

The Putri Coldheart
You guessed it, more awful art by me.

The Putri Coldheart is Nāga, but tantamount to a rebellious adolescent. About seven months ago, she slithered away from the spoiled coils of the splendid Coldheart Sister-Knot after being teased one-time-too-many, and decided to strike out on her own.

Although still very young, The Putri had little trouble claiming a ramshackle ruin in the Old Town. The Putri is in the process of surreptitiously pawning some of her valuables through Charmed go-betweens in the Yellow City. She would dearly love to furnish her new palace and properly provision it in accordance with the ostentatious appetites she believes all Nāga require and deserve.

The Putri has a problem. She is due to molt again very soon and will need to obtain another torso and set of arms, slightly larger than this one.

In terms of Appearance: She is very slight of frame, with pale skin and scales that are only just beginning to crowd. These scales register as emerald green to Humans, a teal-ish blue in the eyes of Slug-Men, and like shifting sea-foam to Crab-Men. Dwarf-vision tends to render her natural form entirely in negative*. Most would place her age at somewhere between 13 and 15 rains.

In accordance with the fashions of the time, The Putri’s nose was magically flesh-wiped from her face on her tenth birthday. The Putri’s misses it wistfully sometimes.

In terms of the Voice that your Players hear in their heads (The Putri’s mouth is mostly decorative): Ssssolely telepathic (speak into cupped hands or a teacup), The Putri isss ssssoft sssspoken. The Putri ssstrives for ssssentances ssstuffed with ssssibilencccceee and sssslang. The Putri ssssytematically disssorientsss othersss by usssing her name inssstead of firssst-persssson pronounsss. The Putri isss unaccussstomed to and flussssstered by impudencccce. The Putri’sss ssssoundtrack is Siouxsie and the Banshees.

If this proves a pain, then just attempt your best teenage girl. Valley Girl dialect is also a possible candidate.

In terms of Influence: Only a recent addition to this area of Yoon-Suin, The Putri is uncharacteristically cautious for her age, and other than a handful of attendants that she has ensorcelled into service, she is still very suspicious of the bustle and hustle of the Yellow City. Her last visit was positively disastrous, as she inadvertently spoiled the salty and solemn sky-funeral of an upper-caste relative of Vèlô, with a rather provocative outfit and a naive lack of familiarity with the concept of death, dying, and mourning.

In terms of Foibles & Flaws: The Putri bites her fingernails incessantly and twirls and twitches her tail in a state of perpetual fidgetiness. She is less than graceful and exceedingly self-conscious about this fact. Pathologically unable to accept compliments or flattery, any panegyrics are mentally translated into a foreign/unintelligible language in her head.  

In terms of Motive: The Putri would like to wear two pairs of arms this molt. The Putri needs help decorating. The Putri cannot bear to part with any more of her finery, and is enacting an elaborate ransom scheme. A charmed servant misinterpreted one of The Putri’s many errands, and fetched the wrong two things. Twist: The Putri was one/both of them all along.

In terms of Trappings & Capabilities:
  • Confirmed Spells: Disguise; Charm Person; Defensive Orbs; Orbs of Enfeeblement; Render Invisible; Rope Trick; Searing Ray; Call Monster III
  • Suspected Spells: Blur; Animate Furniture; Call Monster II; Musical Accompaniment; Nāga Fireballs; Humanform; Duplicate Self; Strangling Tresses

HD: 5, AC: 5 [15], #ATT 2, Dmg: 1d4/d6+2, Move 150 (Swim 180), ML 7, Save As: MU5.
* Has Natural ESP/Telepathy extending 90’
*Sting inflicts 2d4 rounds of extreme grogginess on a failed save versus poison.

Jewelry that The Putri plans on Pawning: A fine filigreed peacock medallion, her older sister’s favorite electrum collar, a platinum ring set with amethyst (a gift from a Bui Prince she was betrothed to at birth), a fine silk headband with teardrop shaped pearls, her Nāga Orb.

She also stole: a Karambit of the Planes [Unusual Abilities: Int: 12, Alignment: Chaotic Good, Communication: empathy, Powers/Abilities: detect elevator/shifting rooms/walls in a 1" radius]. The Karambit takes great pleasure in filling The Putri with guilty feelings, so she rarely unsheathes it.

A yak leather quiver of 11 Arrows +1, A Philter of Heroic Resilience, Spell Scroll (Neutralize Poison, Animate Dead)

She wears a Ring of Clumsiness and Warmth on her left hand. She is not aware of its cursed nature, but luxuriates in the warmth. It is her most prized possession.

Hidden among her numerous sketchbooks (she is an incredibly gifted artist) is a Map to Monetary Treasure: Lamarakh, miles distant, the guarded lair of her sister-knot. [16,000 gold, 7,000 copper, 4,000 silver].

* Something like this:

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