Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Spending: Clerics, First Level Shrines

First Level Shrines

o   Primary Benefit: 1st Level Cleric Spell
o   Activate: Turning Check vs Wight
o   Area of Influence: Line of Sight

These are generally smaller affairs: the niche inset in the wall of an existing structure, a simple stone bowl on a plinth in an area of idyllic beauty, a plaque inset on a scarred battlement bedecked with flowers. These are typically the easiest shrine sites to locate, making them quite common, and do not require as much preparation. Their scope of influence and power is fairly minimal, but so is their cost and upkeep.
o    First Level Shrine Components:

      Altar: All Shrines have some kind of altar or horizontal surface to accept votive offerings. At the bare-minimum a Level One Shrine consists of some form of altar and little else.

Here are some sample construction options (prices reflect the costs of insuring the materials are suitable to the faith and harvested/acquired in a manner befitting their intended purpose):

Basic Components
Cost (in gold pieces)
Wooden, Unadorned
Wooden, Ornately Carved
Stone, Roughly Hewn
Stone, Carefully Cut
Stone, Delicately Decorated
Iron, Simple Slab
Bronze, Simple Slab
Cost (in gold pieces)
Intricate Etchings applied to Metal Altars
Retrofitting an Existing Structure
Exotic Woods
upwards of +200
Exotic Stone
upwards of +400

Although the tenants of specific faiths may favor certain materials, the primary benefit of the hardier and more expensive material choice comes into play when determining how often the Shrine can be utilized, and the practical difficulty of future desecration/rededication. Further funds and additional adventure can always be extracted from Players for the cost/act of material transport.

o   First Level Shrine Construction:

Level One Shrines at minimum take 24 hours to establish, provided they use finished materials.
o   First Level Shrine Benefits:

The primary benefit of establishing a Level One shrine is determined within 24 hours after construction. In addition to the consecration Blessings mentioned previously, a level one divine hymn is imbued and can be activated once offerings are placed on the altar:

Typical Level One Offerings (should be worth at least 10 gold pieces)
Candles, non-utilitarian/non-dungeon-lighting kind
Wine or Foodstuffs

To Cast or Benefit from the Spell: Make a Turning Attempt versus 4 HD (as Wight) with a bonus of +1 per 10 gold pieces spent on votive offerings (they are burnt/destroyed/consumed in the process).

If successful, the Shrine grants the prayer. This ability can be activated once per 24 hour period for every 1,000 gold pieces spent in the construction of the Shrine (minimum one, no more than 3 times daily, please).

Optional Secondary Benefit: As long as the Cleric is within line of Site of a given Shrine that they’ve created they also enjoy a +1 to Reaction Rolls (as long as Alignment is at least a single step away).

o   First Level Shrine Influence: 

Level One Shrines of opposing faiths/pantheons cannot be constructed within Line of Sight of each other. Existing Shrines generally trump new ones, but a new Level One Shrine that costs double the other will desecrate/deactivate an existing Shrine. They are also relatively easy to smash up.

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