Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Spending, Clerics: Second Level Shrines

Second Level Shrines

o   Primary Benefit: Level 2 Cleric/Druid Spells
o   Activate: Turning Check vs Mummy
o   Area of Influence: 1 Mile

At Each Level, Shrines generally become larger and more impressive than their lower level counterparts. Second Level Shrines generally consist of an area of at least ten feet square and sometimes even include a small building or other structure.
o   Second Level Shrine Components:

Shrines of this magnitude nearly always display something with more permanence than their First level counterparts. Altars for Level Two Shrines are generally larger (double price), and wood is unacceptable as a material for the altar itself.

Typically of some kind of statuary or stonework (be it a bust, mosaic, or bas-relief) or arboreal feature is incorporated into a Level Two Shrine, samples below:

Basic Components
Cost (in gold pieces)
Stone Bas-Relief, middling quality
Stone Bas-Relief, exceptional quality
Tri-Color Mosaic with unsophisticated subject matter
Impressively Intricate Mosaic, dozens of colors
Sculpted Bust, sparse detail
Sculpted Bust, lifelike in resemblance
Stone Font, Simple and Dry
Stone Font, Suitable for Holy Water Consecration, Dry
Scrying Pool, Dry
Simple Statue, single seated figure
Simple Statue, free-standing
free if planted (must be Blessed)
Cost (in gold pieces)
Connecting to a Spring or natural Water Source (if present):
Magical Water Source
Statuary Improvement:

Fair Quality
Unremarkable, but talentedly arranged
Exceptional Quality
Magic-Mouthing Benedictions/Maledictions
Grove Improvement:

Reagents for the Song of Rapid Growth           
+100 per foot of desired trunk diameter
Special Soils that cause fruit to act as Goodberry
+2,000 each plant
Axebane Enchantment (bark becomes as Iron)
+5,000 per tree
Firebane Enchantment
+2,500 per plant
Attract Centaur Tribe/Dryad Shrine Attendant(s)
+8,000 gold pieces and a minor quest/adventure

Embed non-sentient Undead (Skeletons/Zombies)
+500 per HD & Animate Dead Spell
Embed Ghouls
as above, plus source of Food (nearby graveyard)
Transport costs and even hiring caravans of wagons to move the construction material are almost certainly going to further increase costs.

o   Second Level Shrine Construction:

A Level Two Shrine takes at least 1 day per 500 gold pieces spent. It must still be Blessed thrice daily (although only the initial and final Blessing need be provided by the Character creating the Shrine) so this may also have associated costs with hiring/overseeing the process.

o   Second Level Shrine Benefits:

To cast or become the recipient of the spell, offerings are placed on the altar. In addition to one of the typical offerings of a Level One Shrine (which are required to be worth at least 10 gold pieces, and are not optional), the following sample Offering types are appropriate for a Level Two Shrine:

Typical Level Two Offerings (should be valued at least 20 gold pieces)
Waxen, Clay, or Wooden Religious Crafts
Grain or Trade Goods (Common Spices, Bolts of Fabric, Salt)
Holy Water

To Cast or Benefit from the Spell: Make a Turning Check versus 6 HD (as Mummy) with a bonus of +1 per 20 gold pieces spent on Votive Offerings (they are burnt/destroyed/consumed in the process). If successful, the altar grants the prayer. This ability can be activated once per week period for every 1,000 gold pieces spent in the construction of the Shrine (minimum one, and 7,000+ gold pieces investment will make it a daily Shrine).

Optional Secondary Benefit: 
As long as the Cleric is within one mile of a given Shrine that they’ve created they also enjoy a +2 to Reaction Rolls (as long as Alignment is at least a single step away).

Optional Tertiary Benefit: 
Pick one of these options when the shrine is constructed (these benefits also only function within 1 mile of the Shrine, and only if an offering was made to the shrine within 24 hours):
·        All of Turning Checks versus Undead made by your faith are made with 2d8 instead of 2d6.
·        All “naturally occurring” and animated undead are turned as 1 category higher.
·        Upon preparing to sleep, choose a specific entity. You will dream of, and be aware of their rough location within the current hex, or if they enter the hex within 24 hours.

o   Second Level Shrine Influence:

Level Two Shrines of opposing faiths/pantheons cannot be constructed within one mile of each other. Any Level One Shrines of Opposing faiths within a mile cease to function as long as the value of their construction is exceeded by this one.  

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