Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The Masked Ones (“Just Use Goblins”)

Here's another attempt at wrangling unruly layouts and the “Just Use Goblins” concept into something useful for handling encounters and descriptions at the table.

This time, I've taken some of the feedback from the previous post and replaced most of the “stat-block facts/lore dumps” with Rumors that harness that old workhorse: The Requisite Reaction Roll. You can choose to have even/unshaded numbers be True or False, or they can be deemed accurate on a case-by-case basis through direct interaction with these pesky thesps during play. It ends up doing quadruple duty by also determining the factions (my line of thinking here is that some are more likely to be friendlier than others) and even provides some sample descriptive assistance in addition to setting the traditional disposition of the encounter with the good ol’ bell curve.

I don’t mind how this seems to work on the surface, but as always feedback is greatly appreciated. I probably wouldn’t have hit on this specific line-of-thinking without the gracious and helpful observations of HDA from My Terrible Sorcery Is Without Equal In The West and Anne from DIY & Dragons. Thank you both ever so much!


  1. This rules dude. You are on fire lately!

    1. Thanks HDA! I just hope the Muse hangs around and keeps me from falling into a rut! This is proving to be a fun distraction from the stack of unfinished Hexes I've been staring at :)

      I'm really digging the "Reaction Roll for Rumors/Factions" thing, I just hope it doesn't prove too taxing to come up with 36 entries for each monster! I might end up going portrait with the layout too...If I can cram this on half a page, that opens up some room for some illustrations/artwork!