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Spell Features: Analyze and Charm Person

See this post for explanations and more information.


1. Avaricious Eyes
If you have this spell prepared, you can instantly enumerate large sets of the same or very similar items. Most commonly used with coins, you have but to glance at pile and you know the exact number of coins (of each varying type) in a pile of 10,000 coins or less (if it's more, you know this fact, but it will need to be split into smaller piles before you can count it). You can also carefully study a gem, piece of jewelry, an objet d'art/de vertu, or a piece of fancy furniture for 1d6 turns and ascertain it's precise value in gold pieces by expending the spell. Pick a two digit number (or roll d%) and write it prominently on your character sheet. If you ever end up “counting” or “appraising” a value that ends in these numbers, the numerological feedback loop leaves you unable to utilize this feature or prepare this spell for 1d6 days.

2. Spell Book Feature: Palimpsest of Common Command Words
Your spell book contains a list of Command Words (1d6), each word is rated with a percentage (d%), upon encountering a command word item, you may pick a word and cross it out. If you roll under the percent chance for this word, it is the command word of this item. You can expend this spell to switch the tens and ones place of your d% roll. Your diligent research into this area of dweomercraft in between adventures allows you to add a new word to the list each time you gain a level in experience.

3. Know Lineage
With a sample of blood (at least a vial's worth), you can expend this spell to learn all about the lineage/bloodlines of a target, going back a number of generations equal to your level. One of your parents is not actually related to you.

4. Dagger Feature: Haruspex
Any dagger in your hand becomes a relatively gruesome tool for effective, but bloody divination. By using it to dissect the entrails of a animal creature that has been killed in your presence while you have this spell prepared, you can consult the creature's viscera to foreshadow the future. This is a gory and ponderous process that takes 1d6 turns. Once the examination is complete, you will possess the ability to detect secret/concealed doors with the same base chances as an Elf (Autumnal Variety, 2 in 6) for the rest of the day. If you choose to share your findings with others, your rambling prophecy allows you to expend this spell immediately whenever you witness one of them taking damage. Damage is rolled twice and the lower result is used. Livestock and other animals are preternaturally nervous around you (-2 to reaction rolls) and generally disobedient and skittish in your presence.

5. Tea Leaves
You possess some rather interesting tea leaves (enough for 2d6 cups). Brewing a cup's worth takes 1 turn and boiling water. The process smells positively lovely, the tea is delicious, and drinking it even heals 1d6 + HLSS hit points (quite useful in a pinch). More intriguingly, if you add a single drop of a magic potion to the cup before drinking (the strength of the tea mitigates any potentially harmful effects, or at least that's what you Master told you), you can consult the leaves in the bottom of your cup and they will provide you with enough clues to discern the potion's purpose with certainty. You know where this tea grows (several dozen hexes of ocean away, most likely) in the event you need to harvest more by the light of a full moon.

6. Familiar Feature: The Eyes Have It If you possess a familiar, and have this spell prepared you can spend a turn concentrating in order to see through your familiar's eyes for up to 1d6 turns. This process is disorienting however, and requires a turn to recover from, during which you are nearly blind. Your familiar cannot see colors and this is sometimes frustrating.

Charm Person
1. A Loyal Henchmen
Recipient of a Charm Person that you cast and went awry. It's permanent now as long as you spend at least a few hours a day with your Henchmen (sharing a few meals and conversing/interacting). As long as you have this spell prepared, the Henchman has max Morale/Loyalty scores and get's a +2 to one Ability Score of your choice. You've grown quite fond of your Henchman over the years. The Henchman also knows your most terrible secret.

2. Spell Book Feature: Hamlin's Concerto
Folded gingerly between the leaves of your Spell Book is a dogeared page of sheet music. You suspect it is for casting a much more powerful ritual version of this spell in conjunction with a simple flute and tatterdemalion attire, but you'd be loathe to risk such puissant magics at your current novice level of expertise. Still, you can make out the basics: By playing this tune for 1d6 turns after a promise of silver, you can choose to have either rats or children be affected by the Charm Person spell for as long as you continue to play + 1d6 turns (you can communicate with them telepathically during this process to issue simple commands), and this spell affects multiple targets (at least an entire Village worth of rodents/children, if it becomes an issue d10,000 and d1,000 respectively). Save versus Spells after the first 10 minutes. Failure means you get to begin a new and exciting life as a member of the species rattus norvegicus. As a minor consolation, you are a carrier of 2d6 fleas itching to spread your bubonic plague and you can also cast Charm Fleas Or Felines twice daily.

3. Spell Book Feature: Etiquette Book – You can devote 1d6 turns to studying your spell book prior to interacting with a different social class to engender a positive shift (up one category) to reaction rolls. Works indiscriminately on anyone from common carpenters to cabbage-headed kings. Shift your weekly living expenses up a category though.

4. Perfume
You have 2d6 doses of a marvelous and magical musk. After applying a dose the recipient will smell pleasant (no matter what) for a year. If you have this spell prepared and have applied the perfume in the past week, your effective Charisma Score is 2 higher (max 18), or high enough to engender at least a +1 bonus. You can expend the spell at any time to cast Charm Person on a target that can smell you, and they save with a penalty equal to your Charisma Bonus. Also, for the purposes of Saving Throw intervals (Rules Cyclopedia, Page 144), this target is treated as having their Intelligence Score lowered by your level (minimum 3), as long as you are doused in a fresh dose when the interval arrives. You have only one of these Charms active at any given time. Should you run out of perfume, manufacture of more requires some pretty extensive reagents, and this is a constant source of study for you. Upon gaining a level, you may attempt an intelligence check. If you succeed, you may learn one of the 9 reagents necessary to make additional doses, at the cost of your automatic spell gain. If the check fails, well...

5. Language: Harpy/Dryad
You can speak the language of either Harpies, or Nymphs and Dryads (choose one). You are also immune to your choice's Charms while you have this spell prepared. While out cavorting on your adventures, you try not to think about one of the following, based on this choice:
I. Somewhere a Willow weeps in the woods, alone with a broken heart. Elsewhere a Brook blubbers between boulders, ever so patiently wearing down mountains. Both take no comfort in knowing that they aren't the only one forlornly longing for your return. As each season's snowy and icy-still torpor brings more maudlin memories, their tears begin to turn to bitter rage at the prospect of sharing you.

If the prospect of a love Triangle this perilous makes you idiomatically or ideologically 180°, there's always option II.

II. Ostracized in her aerie, a somewhat struthious Celaeno meticulously preens her plumage for you whilst singing the saddest of songs. She's tried in vain for months to get her strangely wingless clutch to fledge.
Venetian Harpy via Forest Rogers: Fantastic Beings. “You never call...”

6. Familiar Feature: Serpent
If you possess a familiar, while you have this spell prepared your familiar grants you another saving throw against Charm spells (it can't abide divided loyalties). Your tongue is forked, and your familiar may assume the shape of a crown, diadem, or other type of ornate headgear. If you choose, you may cast this spell, and whatever target you choose can be inveigled by your familiar to perform tasks that would normally be considered contrary to their alignment or habits (still no Seppuku sadly, but anything shy of this is fair game). Before excitement overtakes you though, any new spells you prepare are chosen for you by your familiar (randomized) for at least one week, plus the normal time period associated with Charm Person based on your Intelligence (lovely page 144 again). It has just Charmed you in a way, and has unfulfilled aspirations of Power with a capital “P”, a penchant for corrupting established institutions, and a very detailed long term plan (probably involving Dragons, or at least those lovely Lamias and that one megalomaniac Medusa it's friends with). By carefully guiding your spell selection, it believes it can start seeing these undoubtedly dangerous plans to fruition.

Yesssss. My diabolic plot requiresss casssstingsss of VENTRILOQUISSSSM and FLOATING DISSSSSSC!

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