Friday, January 30, 2015

Spell Features: Floating Disc and Hold Portal

Floating Disc

1. Feather Fall Charm
You can cast this spell on a specially prepared charm (requires the feather of a beast with at least 4 HD, [so that's where Owlbears come from!]). The feather functions as a “Feather Fall” spell, most of the time. When utilized by others, the charms have a chance of being insufficiently powered at the most inopportune times (better have a backup, they do stack). If you are falling and have this spell prepared, this is never an issue. You gently gloat/float all the way to rest at the bottom (if there is one), or can expend this spell to have a companion's charm (within line of sight) work in this fashion as well. Otherwise, the Charms still work some of the time: treat all falls as 1d6 x 10' less. You start play with 1d6. (you know they don't work when sold, only when given away, but others don't necessarily know that).

2. Dagger Feature: Flying
While you have this spell prepared, extend the ranges of thrown daggers by 20 feet. If you expend the spell, a dagger you've thrown in the last day will return to you (it must be able to physically traverse the space). You're also great at juggling them if you concentrate (not during combat, please).

3. Language: Air Elemental
You can speak the sibilant syllables necessary to communicate with creatures of Air. They are extremely impressed with your diction (+2 to reaction rolls) and call you “brother,” “sister,” or “sibling” (determine randomly per Elemental, they aren't too good at telling mammals apart). Earth Elementals view you with suspicion (-2 to reaction rolls).

4. Gainful Portaging
If you have this spell prepared and spend 1d6 turns helping someone or yourself carefully pack their equipment, you can reduce encumbrance by 100cns (10 lbs.) or 1 significant item's worth. These convoluted methods do make the items harder to retrieve however (it takes 1d10 rounds more than normal), so be mindful of what you stow away.

5. Spell Book Feature: Buoyant
While this spell is prepared, your spell book floats on water, and can levitate about 4 feet off the ground for study. It engenders no encumbrance. It cannot support more than a pound of weight, but you can choose to have it follow you around mysteriously draped in a sheet if you are so inclined.
Tom Eckert sculpts fantastic things out of solid wood.

6. Familiar Feature: Light as Feather
If you acquire a familiar, it is inscrutably “weightless,” extremely quiet, and completely uninterested in food or drink. It doesn't “float” exactly, it just doesn't exert any downward force. You can cast this spell to transfer these properties onto yourself for 1d6 turns, but when you do your familiar “weighs” as much as you. It also becomes extremely hungry and noisy.

Hold Portal

1. Tattle-Tale Lock
You can cast this spell on a specially prepared Lock (inset with a gem valued at least 50gp, and engraved with your name), and for 1d6 days the lock can speak, and remembers everyone who passed through a portal or container that the lock is affixed to (and the means or methods they used, if important). You may have as many of these locks active at a given time as your HLSS.

2. Spell Book Feature: For Your Eyes Only/Privacy Please
Your spell book can only be opened by you. Seriously. It's just a plank of wood to everyone/everything else as long as you have this spell prepared. I wonder if your spell book can be opened if you die with this spell prepared? If you expend this spell prior to preparing your spells, you may choose to have all portals/doors within 50 feet of you, sealed as the Spell (normal duration).

3. Jar of Friendly Earseekers
You have a jar of 1d4 friendly Earseekers. You need to feed them (insert them in your ear, they consume one happy or sad memory), but they can be sent into any door and will report back on what is on the other side (they tell you when you put them back in your ear and reward them with a quick snack). Sadly they only live on this lighter fare for about a year (unless you can find them more substantial cuisine, you monster, you). Earseekers leave a very distinct territorial pheromone in their friends, so you are immune to them and can harvest them from doors with impunity. This makes a lot of noise, and takes 1d6 turns of gouging and cajoling them out of their current door.
I'm peckish. Can I have a nibble on your first kiss?”

4. Language: Mimic
You can speak the pidgin and ever-changing language of Mimics. + 2 to reaction rolls with Mimics, shift results up by one category if they are in the form of a door when encountered. If you have this spell prepared you are immune to their sticky pseudopodia.
Joan River's voice: “Can we talk?”
5. Puzzle Box
You possess the necessary skills to manufacture puzzle boxes that are extremely difficult to open (taking your level x 1d6 hours to open without magic). They are very valuable to the right collector. You can expend this spell, and if you can concentrate for 1d6 turns, you can pick one, and you know exactly where it is (on the same plane of existence, natch). They take about 1d6 weeks to make and around 50 gold pieces.

6. Familiar Feature: PassdoorWhen you acquire a familiar, you can expend this spell and your familiar gains the ability to pass through a single non-magically sealed/closed door or other mundane portal for 1d6 turns. It dines luxuriously on locks and keys, and is almost too chummy with thieves. 

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