Friday, January 30, 2015

Spell Features: Light/Darkness and Magic Missile

See this post for explanations and more information.


1. Selfish Spells
You can prepare a special version of Light/Darkness that only effects you. Quirkily, you are colorblind when you have this version prepared.

2. Dagger Feature: Focus
While you have this spell prepared your daggers can physically cut through magical darkness (they can harm Shadows, and you may slice Darkness spells to ribbons in 1d6 turns), critical hits inflicted with your dagger will take out an eye if you expend and internalize the spell immediately. (This works on any eye. Even one belonging to a Beholder, go ahead. Pick one. Only Ten More To Go!)

There is a dearth of images of anophthalmiac beholders on the internet, but I did find this one for you here.

3. Spell Book Feature: Made in the Dark
To you, all books are Perfectly Legible in the Pitchiest of Darks, including your Spell Volume, which also happens to courteously maintain a Shadow Copy of itself, in the event it is ever damaged. Retrieving it from the Plane of Shadow is the only obstacle.
4. Candle Molds
You possess a set of candle molds that allow the creation of special candles. Light given off by these candles is only visible on the Darkvision spectrum, or alternatively they give off darkness instead of light. It takes 1d6 hours to make each candle. The wax needed usually comes from Giant Honeybees that make their hives in the Underworld, and the wicks are woven from the noose of a hanged thief (1 noose makes 1d6). You start with 1d6 of these candles.

5. Language of Shadows
You can speak to Shadows (specifically the Monster kind). However, Shadows can speak to every type of normal shadow (which everyone knows, are horrible gossips that can never lie and see almost everything). Sadly Shadows are not particularly well disposed to you when addressed (-2 to reaction rolls). As a consolation, you can expend this spell immediately after taking damage from a Shadow to negate the Strength Drain from that specific attack.

Excuse us, this is a private conversation.

6. Familiar Feature: Bat
Your familiar can see equally well in darkness and light, including the ability to see colors and read. You can expend this spell and gain this ability for the standard Light duration (6 turns + 1 per caster level). While you posses this ability your eyes glow and your other senses cease functioning. Oh, and your familiar is completely blind and frightened.

Magic Missile

1. Strix Missile
You have knowledge of a variant casting process for the venerable Magic Missile Spell. Your missile can instead be cast and possess a duration equal to 1 turn per HLSS. It hovers near you at all times. When it is sent to attack, it deals 1d6-1 damage, but it returns and can attack again as long as the damage inflicted does not exceed your level.

2. Spell Book Feature: Tablet of Arrow Carving
The inside back cover of your spell book contains an ancient cuneiformic formula and technique to impart magical carvings on nomral and magical arrows, producing very special arrows indeed. Making this modification requires you to etch the name of a target in the arrow itself and either a bit of hair, vial of blood or at least five fingernails of the target. These arrows, when fired at their specified target, automatically hit (à la Magic Missile). The process itself also requires 1d6 hours, expending this spell, and a successful saving throw versus Death (on failure, the arrow is ruined and the next arrow fired at you is Invisible to your senses, and has Your Name On It).

3. Puissant Technique
You learned a different method for casting Magic Missiles. You may choose to produce Missiles that are stronger (1d8+1), but require a “to-Hit” roll (see Holmes D&D). You can use the number associated with your HLSS as an additional bonus on this attack (above and beyond standard Ranged Bonuses). Your name is tattooed on any creature slain by one of these missiles.

4. Voodoo Doll/Poppet Magic
You can prepare a special Poppet incorporating some element of a specific individual target (using a clump of hair, a few drops of blood, and at least four fingernails, etc). It takes 1d6 hours to make, and lasts for 1d6 days. You can cast Magic Missiles to target this poppet, and the damage will inflict the specified target, unbidden by range restrictions (same plane only please).

5. Dagger Feature: Sympathetic Athame
As long as you have Magic Missile prepared, you can cut yourself (inflicting standard damage) and also inflict this damage on any target you specify within visual range. If you roll maximum damage, you begin bleeding at HLSS hit point(s) per round.
Careful now...
6. Patient Missile
You can choose to cast your Magic Missiles in such a way that they do not fire immediately on casting. Instead, when cast they remain present in the current location for up to your level in turns. They will fire at any target(s) present (randomly) when this duration elapses. If no targets are present, the spell returns to your mind, inflicting 1 point of damage per missile in the process.

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