Friday, January 30, 2015

Spell Features: Sleep and Ventriloquism

See this post for explanations and more information.


1. Spell Book Feature: Manual of Oneiromancy – Place your spell book under your pillow and cast Sleep on yourself (normal duration applies). If you sleep undisturbed for at least 1d6 hours, you can choose one of the following: Commune Spell (3 weal/woe questions), See within/behind a portal/container you've touched in the last 24 hours, or wake refreshed with no need to eat or drink for the day. Anyone sleeping within 50 feet of you when you attempt this has terrible nightmares, and cannot be woken until you wake.

2. Pouch of Apple Seeds – You have a pouch of magical apple seeds (2d6). They can be planted in fertile soil and if you cast this spell and water your handiwork, an Apple Tree will grow to sapling size in the standard Sleep Spell duration (4-16 turns). Once grown to this size, it will bear 1 ripe fruit, in a matter of seconds. Anyone eating this apple will fall asleep for 4-16 days on an unsuccessful save. The magic in the apple lasts for 1d6 days, and maintains it's potency if used as an ingredient in an apple-based dish.
Franz Jüttner (1865–1925): Illustration from Sneewittchen, Scholz' Künstler-Bilderbücher, Mainz 1905

3. Spell Book Feature: Bedtime Stories – If you spend at least 1d6 turns reading out bedtime stories scrawled in your spell book and expend this spell, anyone who is listening falls asleep and has pleasant dreams and a restful slumber (those so affected only need half as much sleep to obtain maximum benefits). It affects the double the standard Sleep Spell HD (targets as determined by the DM, randomly, and at discretion could include you, so make sure the party member on watch stuffs their ears with wax or cotton). The audience doesn't necessarily have to be “willing,” just listening to your stories. If any of the sleepers are wounded or hurt before they fall asleep, the sleeper with the highest hit points loses 1d6 x your HLSS in Hit Points, which in turn heal the hurt sleeper by twice this amount. Anyone reduced to 0 in this fashion never wakes up. They don't die, they just never wake up.

4. Cockerel Automaton – You possess a life-size mechanical rooster. It's gears can be adjusted and wound to have it crow loudly (which triggers a wandering monster check) in metallic tones at a specified time, waking anyone asleep within 500 feet. It only eats your dreams (you won't remember them in the morning if its set to crow, but who needs dreams right?). If you expend this spell, it can be wound to animate, after which it is mobile (clinking as it pointedly pecks at detritus and inquisitively following the person with the most visible metal around), and can attack as a creature with HD equal to your HLSS when cornered (this type of winding animates the rooster for the standard Sleep duration in turns, and can be combined with the Alarm feature above).
Image courteous of lollollol2 DeviantArt page here.

5. Osculations – As long as you have this spell prepared, your kiss can wake anyone sleeping and they are generally well disposed to this intrusion (+2 to reaction rolls, my prince). You can also kiss someone asleep (expending the spell) and they will slumber restfully (regaining 1d6 hit points, plus your HLSS) for the max duration of the spell (16 turns, must sleep all 16 to gain the benefit).

6. Familiar Feature: Sloth – Your familiar is generally asleep most of the time, but it does rouse whenever you sleep to lovingly rid your body of parasites and groom you, cleaning and freshening your appearance. You always wake up with nary a hair out of place (+2 to reaction rolls in situations where an impeccable appearance might benefit you). It will also defend a sleeping master as if it were 1 HD greater than normal (step up damage dice too), but it does so as silently as possible (it would hate to wake you and interrupt your beauty sleep).


This spell is generally considered a big ol' rip off, so hopefully these at least make it interesting :)

1. Music Box – You possess an intricately crafted music box with a switch that can be set in the presence of any music. It will then be able to reproduce the tune faithfully with it's limited palette of tiny mallets and electrum striking surfaces. It can hold up to your HLSS in songs. It can record such interesting songs as that of the Harpy Croon or Siren Serenade, so be careful with this.

2. Dagger Feature: Voice Drinker – If you wound someone with this dagger, and have this spell prepared, you may mimic their voice exactly. It only holds the voice of whoever was last wounded, but you may have possess as many daggers with this feature as your HLSS. You may also use this voice without issue when you cast this spell.

3. Dummy Golem – You possess a partially animated (mouth and eyebrows mostly) figure. It possess a reedy version of your voice as long as you have this spell prepared, and often makes quips and off-color comments. With concentration you can control what it says (easily earning a free meal or place to sleep for the night). You can expend this spell to have it fight as a creature with HD equal to you HLSS (quipping the entire time). If destroyed, it can be replaced with a careful carving process that takes 1d6 weeks.

4. Jar of Lips – It's a jar of 1d6 pairs of lips that can be affixed to any surface and by expending this spell, the lips will function as a Magic Mouth (using your voice). The magic will only power them for 1d6 days, and yes, you know the gruesome technique to harvest more (takes 1d6 turns of careful cutting and expending this spell). While you have this spell prepared, you are aware of any active Magic Mouths and what they are going to say before they say it.

5. Spell Book Feature: Talking – You may expend this spell prior to preparing your spells. As you prepare, your Spell Book whispers encouraging words and unconventional mystical shortcuts (in your voice). You may pick up to your HLSS in number of spells prepared during this process. These spells may be cast in complete silence, without requiring any verbal components, or alternatively, one spell you prepare may be cast with it's range or duration doubled.

6. Familiar Feature: Talks – Any familiar you acquire possess the ability to speak aloud in any language you know as long as you have this spell prepared. It is exceptionally critical of any traveling companions, and a surprisingly decent mimic of their voices. You may expend the spell at any time to telepathically convey a mental message to anyone your familiar has mocked in the last month (provided they share the same plane as you). The message is limited to a number of words equal to your level.

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